My school
Hello! My name is Alejandra I´m twelve years old. I go to Alhambra Secondary School.
The school is big.Its in Granada.

Its in the Zaidín neighbourhood. My school is big . There are fifty-five teachers in total.
In my class there are twenty-nine students.There are fourteen girls and thirteen boys.
We have got twelve teachers including assistants.We have got a different techers for each subject. My favourite subject is Maths.
I was in Oviedo last year at Germán Fernández Ramos Primary school. There were twenty-two students in my class. The names of my teachers were: Luis,Paco,Ana,
María José and Carmen.They were good teachers.My favourite subject last year were Math

My activities in my other school were skating football and basket.The diet of the dining room were salad(lettuce,onions,tomatoes and carrotos) a cup of meat with chips and the desert fruit.I liked basket but this year I dont like.I like going the shopping with my friends.
I love my schools!