My names´s Alejandro and my surname´s Heredia Ciuro.
I´m seding a photo of a monuments of my´s name are Alhambra,Abadia del Sacromonte and Palacio de Carlos quinto.
I live in Granada from Spain with my parents Rafael and M.Luisa,and my brother Borja.He´s eleven months,small than me,
because I´m twelve years old.I was of the 30-11-1996.
It´s four o´clock in the aftersnoon. It´s sunny and hot.what the weather like there?
At the moments I´m do my homework from home the my aunt.In one desk and sig and song of Eminem because practise
translation english for the school with mr Federico.
You like speak about Ghandí because on January 30th we celebrate day of peace.This tradiction was creates by Ghandi.
He was a important political and spiritual leaderof India and he helped Indiato win its independence for Great Britain.He
believed in nonviolence and he wanted tocreate to the world were every one is equal.he was a very important figure of peace
in 20th century.
My favoryte right is Civil and my favourite pop start is Eminen.Do you like her?.Ipractise one day of the week.
I like peace, listen to music and go like do my friends.
Nice to meet you.Goodbey from Granada(Spain).I hope you like the pictures of a monuments of my city.
external image alhambra.jpg external image 3_018g.jpg external image 800px-Palacio_Carlos_V_west.jpg