Hello my name´s Alex ,I´m twelve years old,I´m from Granada in Spain.
I want to say to you of the my previous school and of school that I´m.

The name of my school is Alhambra Secundary School.
It´s in street ´´Beethoven ``in Zaidin neigbourhood in Granada.
I have got one brother.He doesn´t go the same school.
There are 29 students in my class,14 boys and 15 girls.
There are 11 teachers,1 for each subject except English that have 3 teachers.There are study teacher and study headteacher,there was a classroom of teachers.
There are 6 services,3 for boys and 3 for girls,there is a library,there are 3 class for years,A,B and C.There is a gymnasium,is big but there isn´t a refectory.
In the beak there are four basket , two goal of in doorsoccer and plants.My favourite subject is Mhats.
This is my school!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last years ,I wasn´tat this school.The name of my school was Santa Marta Primery School.
It´s in street ´´Concha Espina `` in Zaidin neigbourhood in Granada.
There were 30 children in my class,15boys and 15 girls.Ms.Rosario was my teacher for old the subject excepts Spanish and English.
There were a diferent teacher for Spanish and order teacher for English.
My teachers were:Josefina,Rosa Elena,Rosario,Emilia,Zaida...My teachers were great.
He has two door are blacks and smalls.There were three floor,ground floor , first floor and second floor.
There were three services,one of children,one of pupils and one of teachers,there was a library and there was a cineman floor.
There were nine class:3 of infantil class and 1 for each class of primary education,they are greens,rectangulars and bigs.
There was study teacher with telephone,there was classroom of teacher.
There was a gymnasium, is small.There was a refectory is big and pretty,his ideal idiet was:
-Monday,1 glass of juice of orange or apples,1 serving of salad of tomato and lettuce,1plate of loin with chips.
-Tuesday,1 glass of cola,1 serving of salad of tomato and lettuce, 1 plate of espaguettis.
-Wednesday,2 glass of water,1 serving of salad of tomato and lettuce, 1 plate of lentils.
-Thurday,1 glass of tonic,1serving of salad of tomato and lettuce,1 serving of trout.
-Friday,1 glass of gazpacho, 1 serving of salad of tomato and lettuce,1 plate of paella.
-Saturday,1 glass of orange fanta,1 plate of migas with pepper and sausage.
-Sunday,1 glass of cola,1 plate of veal with chips.
There were three playground: two big and one small,his road is flat,he has four basket and two goal of in doorsoccer and plants.
There was a warehouse small but pretty.My favourite subject was Spanish .There were regulators,they´re four for door,they take one orange breasplate.
This was my school!!!!!!!!